Great Summer Gathering 2024

Great Summer Gathering 2024 Foto: Jiří a Pavla Schrömerovi

The Great Summer Gathering of FC Barcelona fans, under the auspices of the PB Lleó de Dues Cues fan club, is quickly approaching!

The gathering of fan club members and other Barça fans will take place on Saturday, July 13, 2024, in Žabčice. This village in the Brno-venkov district in the South Moravian Region will host the meeting for the first time in the history of the fan club, marking the fourteenth edition of the Great Summer Gathering overall. The official start of the gathering will be on Saturday, July 13, at 10:00 AM, although you can arrive as early as Friday, as some of our "hardcore" members do.


The program will include lunch, various official activities, a summary of the fan club season, the Žabčice lottery, plenty of food, drinks, and much more, including a gift (surprise) for our members. And there will also be a match between the home team and the guests. The match will be especially intense from the guests' side, as the current score is 8:6, making it an exciting showdown.

And attention! This year, the long-promised big event will finally happen, so stay tuned!

Attendance at the gathering is free for all invited foreign guests.

Every member who attends the gathering can look forward to receiving a gift again. Additional goodies will also be given to those who attend the gathering. Members who have been with us for 10 years will also receive a commemorative coin for their 10 years of membership. Merchandise will also be distributed as part of our large order, which is included in the registration for the Great Summer Gathering.

To provide the best service possible, we need to know the exact number of participants, so it is necessary to register for the gathering. Simply join the WhatsApp group.

Registrations can be sent until June 30, 2024, but if you want to receive penya merchandise at the gathering (applies to T-shirts, hoodies, and caps), it is necessary to send the registration with the order by April 30, 2024.

Food is provided for participants at the Žafka Bistro.

For international guests we recommend flights to Vienna, from Vienna by bus or train to Brno and from Brno to Žabčice see infographic.

Reports from previous gatherings can be found here.

Penya material (place your orders in the WhatsApp group):

Shirt - Price: 400 CZK (16 €)

Size XS (unisex), Size S (unisex), Size M (unisex), Size L (unisex), Size XL (unisex), Size 2XL (unisex), Size 3XL (unisex), Size 4XL (unisex)

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Sweatshirt - Price: 850 CZK (33 €)

Size XS (unisex), Size S (unisex), Size M (unisex), Size L (unisex), Size XL (unisex), Size 2XL (unisex), Size 3XL (unisex)

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Scarf - Price: 150 CZK (6 €)

New design - "Summer" material, blue - red - yellow

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Cap - Price: 350 CZK (14 €)

Size S-M, Size L-XL

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Visca el Barça i Visca la Nostra Penya!

Board of directors

PB Lleó de Dues Cues


Žádné diskuzní příspěvky. Buďte první!

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